A film by Anna Österlund, music available in the iTunes Store and on Spotify. “Danach” is the final track on the album “Phantasmata Domestica – Black Sun Peoductions with Mikael Karlsson” – the final chapter of Black Sun Productions. Release date: Nov 23, 2012

Starring Maja Mintchev. Direction, photography, costume design & scenography by Anna Österlund.

“Danach” by Mikael Karlsson

Performed by Sirius Quartet
Fung Chern Hwei
Gregor Huebner
Ron Lawrence
Jeremy Harman

Music production:
Black Sun Productions with Mikael Karlsson

Mikael Karlsson: www.mikaelk.com
Anna Österlund: www.ravishingmad.se (fashion), www.annaosterlund.tumblr.com (foto portfolio)
Black Sun Productions: www.anarcocks.com
Sirius Quartet: www.siriusquartet.com

Film copyright 2012 © Anna Österlund. All rights reserved.
Music copyright 2012 © Mikael Karlsson. All rights reserved.

This last-ever album from Black Sun Productions is named Phantasmata Domestica which means something like house ghost, and is an epic and emotional tale about sorrow and loss. DANACH is the last track and takes place the next day, the ceremonies are long since gone – the pity with them. Waking up, being forced to move on with your life. What hereafter? What now?

Watching Saló

Black Sun Productions with Mikael Karlsson album Phantasmata Domestica. Music written by Mikael Karlsson, performed by Sirius String Quartet. Video by Massimo Villani, comprised of Super 8 footage he shot as a theatre and cinematography student in Milano, 1995.